Inspiring Hourly Employees to
Perform Their Best
Blanket uses a blend of logic and AI
to task, measure, and reward employee performance.
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Task Management and Compliance

Create, assign, and track individual tasks and task lists.

Communicate about specific tasks.

Audits, inspections, and reports for district and regional management.

Communicate in Real Time, All the Time

Eliminate email and SMS forever with dedicated channels for topics like, Announcements, Schedules, Repairs & Maintenance, and Inventory.

Touch any front-line employee or group within 3 clicks or less.

Always know what team members have read what, and when, with announcement confirmations.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Employees can earn badges through streaks and competitions.

Award your top performers with prizes and trophy badges.

Employees compete within their store, organization, and industry.

We own and operate restaurants around the country ranging from fast casual to fine dining, making oversight of line-level employees both challenging and time consuming. Blanket gives me the power to manage all of my stores remotely in real time with actionable, data-driven insights on each employee and their performance.
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